James Q.

Creative Director / Founder

James works in several areas of digital media, and the use of that content in marketing, advertising and branding. He currently focuses on the production of videos, developing marketing and advertising campaigns on the World Wide Web, social media and TV, with video serving as the leading content source. His expertise extends beyond video creation, and includes defining objectives and demographics, developing strategy and plan, geotargeting, and media buying on desired networks. In a nutshell, James creates the content and also specializes in working within advertising budgets, assumes delivery duties and campaign development …everything from A-to-Z (e.g. Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Ads, TwitterAds, email marketing templates, TV networks).

He founded BreakthruVideo.TV after years of working in several leadership roles in the corporate arena, including the implementation of a proven development program in a Fortune 500 corporation. Following his years in development and project management, with digital influence increasing at an extremely rapid pace, video was simply a bridge to advertising and development. BreakthruVideo.TV works alongside corporations and non-profits, serving in diverse markets and causes.

We believe you will see Breakthru with original ideas to spread your vision, using the power of images and sound, via digital media. BreakthruVideo.TV can fully oversee your project, from the pre-production plan to the live and post-production stages. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and partner with you to help your organization reach its greatest potential.

James has had the privilege of working for or with the following brands:


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