May 11 2015 Admin Comments Off on Miami Rescue Mission

Breakthru Video has worked with us from creating the theme of the video to actual production of the video. We enjoyed working with them through the process and enjoyed the outcome of the video production. They kept in contact with us throughout the planning phase to post production. They are good people and a good company to work with. We appreciate their diligence to make a difference in our community. ~Marilyn Brummitt | Director of Community Development

Apr 29 2015 Admin Comments Off on Certified Financial Planner

The quality of the video production produced by this company are exceptional. We have had several videos produced over the years, we had a stellar experience as far as the company and it’s leadership being diligent with our project, and timely. They are a creative team, and customize your videos to your needs and guide you as well, regarding marketing and social media strategies with video productions. I would recommend this company and their services to any company, small or …

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Apr 24 2015 Admin Comments Off on Orphanage-Thailand

As a pastor and a missionary; I knew James, his mom and his family for many years. James and his quality video productions are really great in many areas. 1. The pictures and views are so clear and beautiful. 2. The productions in general are in the A+ quality. 3. The technique, a practical method and his gifted art are applied to all particular tasks in all videos.   ~Pastor Wirat Toy J.

Apr 24 2015 Admin Comments Off on Lulu and Petunia Photography

James and Lady of Breakthru Video are incredibly professional and all around great people to work with. Great team, great service, A+ all the way! ~Andrea S. | President/Photographer

Apr 23 2015 Admin Comments Off on Potential Church – Pastor Jermaine W. Sr.

Great quality videos that create belief, hope and ultimately breakthru! ~Jermaine Watkins Sr. | Pastor

Sep 24 2014 Admin Comments Off on FCA Night of Champions

Amazing video!  You all are the best!  Great quality for the FCA Night of Champions!  We received so much praise on the video and we wanted to make sure that you received the praise back!  Awesome work and we look forward to working together in the future. ~Joanna Read | Executive Admin Marketing and Events, FCA of Greater Miami   Wow!  Awesome!  Love the video quality…NFL Films-type quality.  I received so much positive feedback from so many at the event about …

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GBIMC Videos

Mar 21 2013 Admin Comments Off on GBIMC Videos

I am pleased to recommend Breakthru [Video] for fantastic video production work with GBIMC-Miami.  Breakthru handled all aspects of our projects, which included initiating creative video branding strategies, audio branding, storyboards, live capture, directing and lead editing.  Breakthru has always gone above and beyond, showing strong creative skills, superb vision and a great attitude. I’m confident that the Breakthru Video Team will be an asset to all organizations it partners with. ~Fred G. | GBIMC – Miami

Jun 01 2012 Admin Comments Off on Potential Church – Pastor Richard P.

It is our privilege to recommend Breakthru [Video] for outstanding video production work with Potential Church.  Working alongside the Global Production Team, Breakthru completed projects from start to end, which included implementing creative video branding strategies, script drafts, storyboards, live capture, directing and lead editing.  Breakthru always went above and beyond, demonstrating strong organizational skills, an exceptional vision and a great attitude. The Breakthru Team will be an asset to all organizations it partners with. ~Pastor Richard P. | Campus …

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Video Producer

May 17 2012 Admin Comments Off on Video Producer

Great work!  Keep [the videos] coming.   ~Norton R. | [via Vimeo]

Privilege Club

Feb 02 2012 Admin Comments Off on Privilege Club

The video [is] very cool.  I loved the stamp of “Team Miami” in the beginning of the video.  This video is a great example of what can be done internally to create a stronger sense of community between our various brand representatives. ~Marina S. | Privilege Club-Miami