Breakthru Video is your source for digital media marketing and advertising.
Get acquainted with Creative Director and Founder, James Quinones. He will help accomplish your goals by creating the content and developing your marketing campaigns. Connect with James to showcase your brand on social media, Google, TV and build SEO, using video as the main source of content. Are you an individual offering a service or do you work with a large company? Rest assured, James has the experience of working with individuals, as well as Fortune 500 companies and budgets of all sizes.

Additionally, whether content is created or curated, the truth is, both require a combination of creativity and strategy in order to be successful. James has overseen video productions, written scripts, created copyright content and developed ad campaigns (defining demographics, geotargeting, media buying, etc.). Because of his diverse experience, click rates have always scored higher than industry standard, which maximizes ROI. Minimizing risk and achieving objectives is always the priority.

If you currently have a website, is it actually generating business? Are you seeking to launch your own site? You may know a website designer, but do you have the content deliverables to properly launch the site and brand each individual page? Do you have an ongoing plan for the site? Websites that are not regularly updated and have poor traffic, get low rankings on Google. If you are already investing in advertising and digital media marketing, do you have a measurable plan with a clear objective? If you don’t have a marketing plan, James will help you establish one to increase your business.

Even finer points and particulars are achievable, such as editing and redesigning a custom resume and LinkedIn professional profile. Available for virtual and on-site solutions, by project or term. Contact Breakthru Video and share your business goals. Believe in Breakthru!